The Launch of the Shared Words Language Learning Game

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3 Yes we are indeed counting down to launch the SharedWords language learning game. Well, not just yet but we are almost there! SharedWords project has been an interesting and fruitful project and a starting point that has the potential to affect, motivate, as well as to contribute to rapprochement between the two major communities of the island.

Shared Words project is not only about language learning through the use of common words between languages. It is the outcome of a peace-building philosophy that seeks common ground between different cultures, different nations, or different backgrounds; the desired objective is not only help build communication with each other, but also to hopefully touch the hearts of each other to relief themselves from the grieves and hatred of the past and from the doubt and fear of the future.As Nelson Mandela Said, “If you talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, this goes to his heart.”The approach of Shared Words project provides us the opportunity to use the common words between our first language and the language in which we want to communicate,even if we have never learned that other language.

Looking at the image below,which presents a prototype of the Shared Words game, we are happy to see that our good cooperation and effective communication with our game developer resulted in a really attractive design and great game functionalities that will allow good interaction with the players.


Our game developer (the Interaction Lab of the Cyprus Technological University) is not the only organisation with which we have cooperated. Our cooperation with the recently launched MYCY radio, which is the only multilingual web radio of Cyprus, will broadcast the common words of Shared Words project with an interesting format:every week, the etymological story of a shared word andits traveling history and in languages will be presented in English, Greek,and Turkish. You can listen to MYCY radio and on

We are also working with Youth Power to use all of the communication channels to outreach public by publishing a SharedWords booklet and distributing it to educational institutions and to other community stakeholders.Our booklets will be available on the second week of June. Keep in touch with us for more by following us at and https ://


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