Ever dozed off in a history class? Never again!


AHDR is putting the pedal to the metal and kickstarting their Knowledge Product after over a month of working collaboratively to overcome challenges. That is what happens when you believe in your product from the very first creative brainstorming session – even if it IS over tea – does no one drink coffee anymore?
Check out what they have to say about the overall process!

Learning history can be fun…that’s the message we want to tell our young people.

Over the course of its 10 year history the AHDR has worked hard in producing new approaches to the learning and teaching of history… but never before has it taken the innovative form of what is currently being formulated at Home for Cooperation at this very moment.

It was a quiet afternoon in the autumn of 2012 when this new and exciting initiative was born as Daphne Lappa and Shirin Jetha sat in the AHDR library enjoying a cup of English tea (courtesy of Shirin of course) and one of Daphne’s precious chocolate bars which she kindly offered to share. This is important to note as anyone who knows Daphne well knows she can be quite possessive of her sweets! As Daphne and Shirin sat and reviewed AHDR’s ‘Nicosia is Calling’ booklet (the first education material to be produced by AHDR) they hesitantly shared their thoughts… Yes ‘Nicosia is Calling’ is definitely a positive contribution for young people in terms of learning about the old city but now with the expertise that AHDR has gained, surely more can be done… something new, something that perpetuates the shift from traditional learning and academia…

And this is when Daphne’s and Shirin’s baby was born!  Anyone in the AHDR office during the next month would hear the words “our game” being thrown into any possible conversation.  The enthusiasm was infectious! 

Being aware that we live in a society where people are still afraid to cross over to the “other” side, where prejudices and fear prevails, and children especially are exposed to biased views of the past…. the idea was to create an interactive educational game based on AHDR’s ‘Nicosia is Calling’ publications. The solid idea was to take it further… much further. 

In doing so AHDR could provide a fun and educational platform for children to learn more about the old city of Nicosia without having to rely on their teachers or schools, or even needing to leave their computer!  And how brilliant to think that a child in Morphou and a child in Paphos could be simultaneously learning the common history of Cyprus without limitations.  That these children could understand the truly multicultural past of the city through a fun and interactive platform.

Luckily the Knowledge and Innovation Fund team also felt the same way and when we pitched our idea the project was approved!

What followed was an excitement and eagerness to get the ball rolling.  Interviews were held with game developers and an incredibly creative team in Thessaloniki called Dolphins seemed like the perfect fit.  Having worked on the Balkan Tales and the Twice A Stranger projects and through their creative display of beautiful aesthetics, Daphne and Shirin were won over and Dolphins were selected as the creative partner.

Daphne’s and Shirin’s love of the project was put to the test and the team had to strive to convince person after person that this really is a great idea and should be implemented.  Luckily they found support in the positive energy of Sylvie Manti, Project development Consultant of the Peace-it-Together Network whose presence and sheer motivation was a much needed gift.

Needless to say, perseverance, determination and hard work paid off and the development of the game kicked off… We had delayed one and half months but as they say – all good things are worth waiting for!

Stay tuned to get sneak preview of the game as it develops and find out more about our pilot testing sessions which could give you the opportunity to be one of the first to try out our new and exciting game and help shape the final product!

Shirin Jetha
Projects Coordinator at AHDR


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