Naming the Peace-it-Together Online Hub: Open Call for votes


As you probably already know, a new digital online platform mapping the peace-building efforts in Cyprus since the 1970s is currently being developed by the Peace-it-Together network and UNDP-ACT and is being implemented by the NGO Support Centre and the Management Centre. The platform will also include  peace and reconciliation products as well as practical resources and networking tools  for local and international practitioners, civil servants and people throughout the region that want to take action for positive change. Now, the Peace-it-Together network needs your help to give it a name through an online vote open to the public today.

The Peace-it-Together team vision has always been incredibly large and driven by innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. During the past two weeks the team has exchanged ideas as to the naming and effective branding of the online hub that has been developing over the past few months. A finalized version will be launched online at the beginning of this summer.

Please click here to vote on one of the five short-listed suggestions for the name you feel best describes the efforts undertaken by the Peace-it-Together network. The name which gains the most votes by the 1st of March will also be translated into a domain name and brand the culmination of all Peace-it-Together efforts.

The five suggested names are: CohesionLab, Mahallae, InnovEX, Social Cohesion Lab, ExchangeLab. The polling process will be launched from the 19th of February till the 1st of March. More information about the project as well as links to the poll can be found on the Peace-it-Together network facebook page, twitter and blog.

For the Press: >> Peace-it-Together is a network of Civil Society Organisations working together to create a sustainable platform to support the efforts of Cypriot civil society in peace building and reconciliation. The network is implemented by the NGO-Support Centre and the Management Centre and supported by UNDP-ACT. The network is comprised of committed civil society partners that have worked on peace building over the past decade and who have become the principle drivers for moving the reconciliation agenda forward in Cyprus.


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