Knowledge and Innovation Fund Projects Under way: Getting to know the New Face of the Peace Process

Cyprus civil society has truly stepped up!

The Knowledge and Innovation Fund of the Peace it Together network was developed to offer new perspective and approaches to peacebuilding. By its very nature it encouraged people who are active in peacebuilding either voluntarily or professionally to think entirely outside the box and develop new and innovative ideas to promote peace and reconciliation, to enhance dialogue and to build bridges. The creativity showcased in the ideas that have poured in were a pleasant and welcome surprise to us also! We wanted to invite you to take a look at what is in store by Spring 2013.

The Fund accepted 29 proposals in its first phase, with a total of nine proposals making it to the second phase. Between seven to nine knowledge products will be finally implemented. Among them are these incredible ideas:

An Online Game on the city of Nicosia, implemented by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. The game features a unified Nicosia. Children and adults will be able to play it and learn about the rich history and culture of the city.

An online Video Toolkit based on the manual “The Anatomy of Peace”, implemented by the Peace Players International (Cyprus) and the Cyprus Community Media Center.

An interactive and digital, social & cultural map of Dip Karpaz/Rizokarpaso village, based on architectural and anthropological data, implemented by Archis Interventions (Cyprus).

An interactive documentary entitled “The Thin Green Line”, exploring romantic and sexual relationships across the Green Line, and looking into the personal aspect of transformation, implemented by Longfish Company.

An interactive video Webinar on the collaboration model of NGOs in post-conflict societies that come from different sides of divides, implemented by the NGO-SC and the Management Center of the Mediterranean.

An interactive crowdsourcing map that curates videos produced by mediators and trainers around the world, implemented by the Mediation Association and the Bicommunal Trainers Group.

We would like to invite you to follow the progress and development of the chosen knowledge products on the program website (, our Facebook page and Twitter (@KI4PiT).

And please TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! How do you feel about these innovative approaches to peacebuilding? Join the conversation at #innovationcy !


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