GUEST POST: ENGAGE outlines a new resource for peace

Here at the Peace Exchange, when we’re not offering you a peek into the activities of Peace it Together project partners, we spend a lot of time sifting through different articles, videos and podcasts to bring you something juicy each week.

And of course, the internet can be a vast online treasure trove of information on every topic imaginable. Not to mention, a means of quickly building and managing communities of like-minded individuals.

It is with this vast potential for learning, communicating and sharing in mind, that PE is excited to play host this week to Nicholas Papachrysostomou of PiT partner ENGAGE, who has a provocative idea to bring to you…

Read on!


What would you say to building a very different kind of library? One where there were no dusty books, fraying card catalogues or late fees ever to deal with?

What would you say, in fact, to the idea of an online peace library for Cyprus?

It so happens our partner team, the Peace It Together network is poised to put together just such an innovative electronic resource.

After all, building peace in Cyprus has been taking place intensely in the last decade, so why not let everyone, both in Cyprus and abroad know about it?

Especially when our library would not only contain written material, but also videos and photos, social media sites and links, personal stories in the form of blog posts, eye-witness accounts and any other form of record possible to create.

Acknowledging the importance of this initiative, Dr. Bülent Kanol, Executive Director of the Management Centre noted: “Having worked on peacebuilding and reconciliation issues in Cyprus for some years, I think there is a great need to record the experiences of those involved over time.

“The new initiative called Peace It Together aims to provide the space and resources for all reconciliation actions, not just to cooperate and coordinate but also to develop a knowledge hub and a Reconciliation Index, which in turn can be used by Cypriots and other regional players in order to create more just and reconciled societies in this region of the world.”

Agreeing with him, his ENGAGE counterpart, Michalis Avraam, Executive Director of NGO Support Centre, stressed that: “A well informed,vibrant, active and empowered civil society safeguards and enriches the functioning of democracy, and in the case of Cyprus, plays a very important role in the peace and reconciliation efforts on the island.

“Hence, the Peace it Together network will be sharing, recording and learning from the  experiences of organizations and civil society activists from both communities, who have been involved in peacebuilding, carrying out and analyzing the results of  research and advocating for peace and reconciliation.”

So, looking ahead: by networking and collaborating with local peace activists on the one hand and peace experts from abroad on the other, we can bring all kinds of input together, so that Cypriots and non-Cypriots alike are able to draw from the island’s peacebuilding experience..

Ultimately, we would like our peace library to become an international hub of knowledge, where ideas can be exchanged and dialogue can be developed.

Do you have a Cyprus peace story or experience to share? The Peace it Together Knowledge and Innovation Officers, Mehmet and Ellada look forward to hearing from you!


Peace Exchange thanks Nicholas for being our guest blogger this week, and will be bringing you more good stuff very soon.

So, start thinking about what you’d like to see on the ‘shelves’ of your online peace library, and… we’ll see you in the next post!

You can read a Greek version of this post here, and a Turkish version here.


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