GUEST POST: CCMC mixes it up with treats, tips and mingling

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Peace Exchange had a really great, chilled-out evening this Wednesday at a Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) mixer, where there were games, eye-catching information packs and opportunities to network. Katherine Kotsireas of CCMC shares more of the highlights below:


“CCMC was  immensely excited to receive its guests for our first in a series of Member Mixer events for 2012, the theme of which was CCMC’s ‘Online Mixer’.

“ ‘So, what do you mean by online?’ ” some  guests asked. Well, we considered the event to be a fun immersion into the awesome world of internet tools that can make a huge difference in the advocacy, campaigning and civil society work of our members.

“The inspiration from the ‘Facebook revolutions’ of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia during 2011 was clear evidence of the difference social media can make in the fields of social change and activism.

“So, between snacks, drinks and gifts for our guests, we also gave out a fantastic booklet with effective online tools and tips for civil society.

“Booklet subjects included how to make your blog more effective, third-party applications for handling Twitter, advice for running a Facebook campaign, and much more.

“One of the things we notice is that our members are doing such great work and we believe more people need to know about it and get involved. By boosting the skills of our members and helping them expand their online digital footprint we are also expanding the space for real social change in Cyprus!

“Many of the people who filled our Community Space on the night also enthusiastically participated in a game to find their ‘digital footprint’ – a treasure hunt for hidden paper footprints. The person with the most ‘feet’ received a special pack on Mobile Phone Advocacy containing a book and a DVD.

“Throughout the evening, conversations flowed, ideas were swapped and spontaneous team-ups were created.

“We are honoured to find within our member organisations and potential member organisations, an abundance of wonderful, dedicated friends, and were exhilarated to see them mingle, mix, joke, laugh, initiate or consolidate friendships.

“These friends and our extended family of media makers, with their creative passion and quirky individualism, are the real CCMC.

“As Orestis Tringides from IKME noted: ‘It was great to meet with friends, old and new, and share thoughts and feelings that bring us closer together, because although we may be colleagues or share common passions and ideas, above all we are together, and we need to invest in this togetherness and make it flourish.

” ‘The information provided by CCMC during the event was indeed useful for personal, organisational and inter-organisational development, but events and get-togethers like this help to build the very essential social infrastructure among us, upon which everything else can be built,’ he added.

“So thank  you to all who attended for your support and warmth for CCMC. As Mehmet Nevzat Erdoğan from the Management Centre so kindly posted on our Facebook page: ‘i ♥ you ccmc! you make Cyprus a better place’.”


Peace Exchange thanks Katherine for her warm and lively account of the evening. It’s a pleasure whenever PiT network members share about their activities directly, so keep these guest posts coming!

That’s all for this week, but there’ll be more good stuff very soon.

Till then, enjoy the weekend and… see you in the next post!

You can read a Greek version of this post here, and a Turkish version here.


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