Saving beyond a rainy day

Is it just us, or has it been a really rainy winter season so far?

The Peace Exchange’s posts seem to be written increasingly with the sound of heavy rain falling in the background these days, and nature has been rather inclement on those of us who have absent-mindedly left our umbrellas at home.

After all, Cyprus is far more known for its problem with a lack of water due to the island’s abundant sunshine (and, of course, ever increasing consumption).

The fact is, for a small, frequently arid place, it behooves members of all of Cyprus’ communities to learn about ways of cutting down on water usage, and making any use go as far as possible.

The short film featured above charts one of the initiatives taken in this direction.

The CCMC documentary chronicles a Water-Saving Technology exhibition launched last March at Nicosia’s Ledra Street crossing, under the auspices of the Environment Technical committee, and organized on their behalf by the AKTI Project and Research Centre and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Environmental Engineers, and in co-operation with The Cyprus Environmental Stakeholder Forum and The Regional Network for Sustainable Future.

The buffer zone exhibition formed part of the project ‘Awareness Raising Measures for Water-Saving’, a confidence building measure implemented on behalf of the Environment Technical Committee and supported by UNDP-ACT.

Thanks to this event, water- saving technologies for households and gardens were demonstrated to the general public, in the push to conserve this precious resource islandwide.

More importantly, the event was a wake-up call, a call to action for all citizens on the island to put aside their differences and cooperate on saving an ever-dwindling resource upon which the survival of their shared island depends. Leading this call to action were an impressive array of senior figures: the Special Representatives of the two Leaders, Messrs. Iacovou and Ozersay, as well as the Special Assistant to the Secretary General, Mr. Alexander Downer, and the two Mayors.

So, while it may be rainy now and many of us are moaning about being caught out by the weather (while secretly enjoying the side benefits of shockingly clean cars), it’s worth thinking about what it means to launder our clothes, take a shower or boil some vegetables, and take action before the long, dry summer months to preserve the most vital part of the island’s natural wealth.

Otherwise, without each of us taking responsibility for cutting down and making more use of the water we enjoy on tap, initiatives such as the above exhibition will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

That’s all for right now, but Peace Exchange will be back with more good stuff very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, stay warm and dry and… see you in the next post!


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