A call to action for Cyprus community media

“Community Media is a positive force in reconciliation on the island and inclusion of all communities into a multicultural Cyprus”

Community media has taken centre-stage in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone over the past two days, with the CMFE 2011 being the hub for sharing information on both the challenges and opportunities for media’s ‘third sector’.

In case you missed the Peace Exchange’s introduction to the event, you can read it here.

Meanwhile, highlights from the sessions have been recorded and archived, and can be viewed here, and a wealth of photographs, quotes and information can be found on the event’s posterous page.

International delegates have offered conclusions and yet-to-be-resolved challenges from a wealth of European and Middle Eastern experiences, as a quick glance at some of the plenary topics illustrates:

  • The state of community media in Europe
  • Community media and the Arab Spring
  • Community media, intercultural dialogue and participation
  • Towards an enabling environment for community media in Cyprus

Today, as the CMFE 2011 winds up, delegates and stakeholders will approve the CMFE‘s endorsement of a community media declaration made by the CCMC.

The declaration sets out Cyprus community media’s foundational elements, its European-level safeguards and its members and natural allies.

It presents the principles to guide the island’s community media, the broad spectrum of its remit and the duties it undertakes towards its diverse stakeholders.

It lays out the importance of community media’s integration with the public service and private commercial media sectors, calling for responsible cooperation between civil society, educators and agents of mainstream media.

In short, the declaration strives to safeguard, promote and mobilise the community media of Cyprus, calling to action all who are its members and affiliates, and urging the broadest possible support for its efforts.

The Peace Exchange will continue to bring you more developments on community media in Cyprus and the work of the CCMC as they unfold.

Meanwhile, stay warm and dry and… see you in the next post!


2 responses to “A call to action for Cyprus community media

  1. According to me, community media will help in getting the information about current status of Cyprus education. I am taking the guideline through this Cyprus community media.

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