Where media is made, played and conveyed

Here’s another video to brighten your day, because we really do like to pass on the good stuff.

Mind you, better fasten your seat-belt for this one – and turn up the volume on your speakers. It’s not exactly the tame, timid type of vid to watch on auto-pilot.

Far from it in fact. But then, nothing about the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) is tame or timid either.

In fact, since opening its doors in late 2009  this Peace it Together partner has offered training, dedicated support and equipment loan to its own members – around 30 organisations (and growing) representing “a broad range of civil society organisations throughout Cyprus”.

Meanwhile, its core team of six staff members have run or hosted a wide range of media-training workshops (blogging, video production and editing, press release production, social networking etc).

They’ve shot videos, taken photos, held public events, set up online forums and, above all, have always been at the end of the phone, offering advice whenever needed.

Indeed, CCMC encourages media pluralism, alternative voices and media collaboration between journalists and the media from both communities, and promotes the benefits of community-based media to as wide an audience as possible, while giving people the skills to be in control of their own messages.

Amid this digital beehive of activity – the CCMC folks are a friendly bunch, too – drop by some time and say hi, their office is located at Nicosia’s Ledra Palace in the buffer zone.

You can always keep up with what’s going on by signing up for CCMC’s weekly electronic newsletter or RSS to their website.

Which is probably as good a place as any to mention that we’ll be posting on the Community Media Forum Europe event that CCMC will be hosting next week.

Till soon and… see you in the next post.

(You can undo your seat belt now).


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