Monthly Archives: October 2011

Welcome to the Peace Exchange…

… because we’re surely glad that you dropped by.

This blog is intended to chronicle and share the activities of the teams of the quiet, not-so-quiet and downright noisy sets of individuals, working dedicatedly to promote peace across the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.

More specifically, it is meant to showcase the extensive range of peace-building projects managed by partners in the Peace it Together network, supported by UNDP-ACT.

Along the way, you can expect entries on related global peace issues, campaigns and initiatives, not to mention more in-depth profiles, videos and, on occasion, even live-blogging from the sites of key peace events.

Meanwhile, given the excess of online information vying for your attention, rest assured that The Peace Exchange will aim to keep things in simple, bite-size pieces, so you’ll always get updates in easily-consumable chunks.

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Did we mention you can also follow the blog’s posts anytime via UNDP-ACT’s Facebook and Twitter  pages as well? Well, now you know. And really, it’s only a matter of clicks to join us there, so why wouldn’t you?

So much for introductions. See you in the next post!